Monthly Veggie Challenge

Day 30: Do you have any tips for aspiring vegetarians?

Stick to your guns, it gets a lot easier. And always remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place. Tell people around you that you are transitioning, and if they are supportive, they won’t tempt you if you eat out/at theirs.


Monthly Veggie Challenge

Day 29: Do you think this challenge has been so far a success for you? If you don’t, why not and do you think you’ll try it again?

Yes! it has been a complete success! I’ve stuck to the diet 100% and have learned a LOT. Even stuck to veganism 100% for the last 3 weeks. 



The creamiest vegan pasta you’ve ever seen.

Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pasta on Minimalist Baker

nom nom nom

Monthly Veggie Challenge

Day 28: What has been the toughest thing about this challenge for you, if anything?

Telling people that I know. My family and my boyfriend’s family in particular. Also, finding options when eating out.

Mothly Veggie Challenge

Day 27: Does non-vegetarian food tempt you?

It didn’t at all for the first three weeks. But when I was in university, really really hungry, and there were no options for me, I have to say I was tempted. But not REALLY tempted. :)

Monthly Veggie Challenge

Day 26: Have you done a lot of research about vegetarianism?

I do as much as I can between my job and full time university. But I’ve done enough to back my reasons up :) 

I watch a lot of documentaries on netflix about it. 

"The industry doesn’t want you to know the truth about what you’re eating. Because if you knew, you might not want to eat it."
— Food Inc (via wundgeheiltdeactivated111)
Monthly Veggie Challenge

Day 25: If you’re a vegetarian, do you think you could ever try veganism? (If you’re a vegan, what are your reasons for this?)

I am not calling myself a vegan at the moment, but I’ve been eating a 100% vegan diet for about 3 weeks now. Once I’ve been doing it for a while, I will call myself vegan. But I don’t feel like I’ve quite found my feet yet.

Monthly Veggie Challenge

Day 24: What’s your favorite vegetarian modification dish? (for example, maybe a dish with beef that you sub with tofu.)

Vegetarian fried breakfast!! I have veggie bacon, sausages, beans, scrambled tofu and potato waffles. Mmm, so good!