Some photos from our doubles moves!

Honestly, I feel like the hulk, I didn’t know how strong I’d gotten.

So I’ve been getting a lot of asks about people worrying about eat unhealthy food once in a while



And I want to prove that you can still be healthy and treat yourself once in a while.
So please like/reblog this if you’re a health blog/fitness blog/any type of healthy living blog and who treats themselves once in a while and enjoys it.

oh hell i treat myself everyday (dark chocolate fa daysss)


These are great, but a lot of them I’d qualify as “snacks” not a “meal”


Healthier Alternatives to your eating habits.

I haven’t tried all of these, so I can’t vouch.  I know for my tuna salad that I make I do a mix of olive oil and mustard instead of mayo, but I don’t know in what universe Mustart is a straight up alternative to Mayonnaise.

For Salads, Avocado and Almonds are a great way to beef up the salad without adding bread!